APEX WORLD CLASS is raising the bar

APEX WORLD CLASS is raising the bar

for aviation




May 25, 2022
Keith Yates

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The WORLD CLASS award recognizes an attainment of the highest standards of safety, well-being, sustainability, service and inclusiveness.

Qualifications for the WORLD CLASS award are through a combination of one year’s guest experience ratings, in tandem with extensive audits by industry professionals, rating every aspect of the guest experience over many flights and in every class.

It is the World Class award’s focus on a wide and relevant array of customer happiness drivers that is raising the bar for aviation.

As World Class is an honorary recognition, signifying an airline is embracing everything that matters to today’s traveler, it is not surprising that airline executives are implementing significant changes to align with World Class principles.

Seven airlines qualified for Apex World Class in 2022.

Japan Airlines: Best-in-class guest experience.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: Best-in-class sustainability.

Turkish Airlines: Best-in-class health and safety (keeps me safe).

Emirates Airline, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines.

Airline CEO’s are aspiring to be recognized as World Class. The pursuit of the award is driving improvements in the guest experience and journey.

Airline strategy must not only focus on yield improvement and revenue management.
It must incorporate sustainability initiatives, especially those that involve customers.
It must include on-board cleanliness, health and “keep me safe” initiatives.

Airlines must also focus on the quality of engagement in economy, the degree of personalization in business class, and much, much more.

World Class achievement requires a strong commitment to all of its principles.

Airlines are setting World Class as their preeminent, strategically important goal and committing the entire organization to work towards achieving this.

Airlines not quite ready for World Class recognition are still requesting World Class audits as a means of identifying their experience gaps and prioritizing change initiatives.

World Class is bringing about a profound evolution in the guest experience and the customer journey

World Class Ratings

Keith Yates

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